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By CDGames
The deck seems alright, but I do have a few problems with it
There is no way to summon the Majestics from the Extra Deck. Shooting Majestic Star can be made, since you do have a Dragon Synchro Monster, but the regular Majestic Star needs specifically Stardust Dragon
I also notice that Majestic Dragon is used instead of Wish-Converging Dragon, which is just overall better in every conceivable way (yes there are no other level 1 Dragons for you to summon, but it still summons itself when drawn regardless of if you can summon something else)
Another weird thing is Junk Speeder. This is a really good choice if you have multiple Synchrons with different levels... but you only have Fleur and Necro Synchron, both of which are level 2, so you can't bring multiple monsters out with it due to each monster needing to be a different level. You also can't summon it very conveniently, with no level 3s in the deck aside from Ash Blossom, which is a Tuner, you would need to use either Fleur or Necro Synchron and 3 Necro Fleurs
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