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By Dani1ele
sooew wrote:
Sat Jun 19, 2021 2:24 am
is this newbie friendly deck?>?>
For a pendulum deck it is very easy to play with, but if you are not used to play with pendulum i'd suggest another deck like Monarch
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By sooew
thankz,I just realise this deck has 60card.
Iwill trymonarch maybe.
I only play arorikka deck and is suck ass got nibiru every game lel
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By FeeshSlayer
Yeah, Monarch was my first deck, would definitely recommend it to beginners. It's not as good as other decks at teaching you combos or different types of summons, but it does teach you to manage your resources.
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By Hyperion-OMRGA
Plus the two structure decks make it cheaper than my Solfachord build due to the lack of an extra deck or chase cards like Diviner (granted in that case you could prolly take thsoe out, but OTOH I think Fancia is a 10$ card currently)
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