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By ManuMango
Sea Horse should be nothing less than a 3 of. It's your second best starter after Blue Tang (Pascalus is only good if you draw another Marincess monster and even then doesn't do much after her summon)

The Field Spell is searchable so you don't really need more than 1 when playing the other Link-1 (strongly recommended for her Link Arrow alone!)

I'd cut Sea Star and Crowntail completely (Basilalima is fine at 1 I guess) and with that I'd reduce the number of Pascalusses (Pascali?) Your Link Monsters have plenty of recursion, Salvage doesn't really add much to the deck.

The Frog engine, although completely up to you, it's an engine after all, gives access to an easy to summon Toadally and can alternatively serve as an extender for your Marincess plays. (Bahamut clashes with Blue Tang's effect and the other level 4s it requires are kinda bad outside of summoning Bahamut)

Last but not least may I recommend playing a little Code Talker engine in your ED? Talking Update Jammer, Splash Mage (good for Marincess plays, too), Transcode Talker and then Accesscode Talker or Zeroboros.
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By amorphage
Add the level 4 water tenyi for easier access to bahamat shark
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