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By Yugituber
I want -
Colossus at 1 (he did nothing wrong man, nothing wrong whatsoever)
Block dragon at any number (funny legos)
Harp at 1
Stallio at any number
Servant of endimyon to 3
Anything else I’m missing?
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By Hero_Odet
luna light tiger (dosent need a ban)
jet syncrohn (halq isnt as broken anymore)
block dragon(adamans need it and with dlink they cant win any way)
harp horror (orcust needs you too)
the dragon rulers (we want these back)
colossus (this boy did nothing wrong)
electrimite (pend best deck)
astrograph (why)
all the sky striker cards (sky striker isn't that good anymore)
brillint fusion (not that good)
time seal (no not even good)
miragestalleo (salads)

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