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By GioGio
The fusion:nothing crazy
horse:makes the fusion playable. also its like konami'll add anything to noble knights
spear holder: that second effect tho
Ecole de zone: W O W this card is cool
Soul binding gate: just play ecole de zone
Silfid: Its effectto detach itself instead isnt ry needed for the archetype, and the atk boosting is slow
Uroboros: good otk potential depending on the target, is what i would say if it wasn't on normal summon
Zexal catapult: its cool. makes rank 5s easier to access and gives swarming. playing out of the hand could cause bricks sometimes tho
Lion: Good card. negater, can attach from deck making its atk bigger, and can otk. If Uroboros was a ZW and not ZS, it would be even better
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By amorphage
2 things, I wasn’t expecting this deck to be made. Also this is the third noble knight variant made so far (noble knight, infernoble knight, and now this)
That horse is a one card level 9 synchro
Summon horse add spear carrier, fuse for centar, summon spear carrier, carrier makes centar a tuner, tribute carrier for living fossil, living fossil summon horse, you have a level 6 tuner and a level 3 non tuner now.
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By amorphage
If you have shield carrier you can banish it to get horse and have spear carrier search ddr instead for a level 10
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By amorphage
Tar may depend, VW doesn’t muse it’s normal summon but at the same time they lock you to level 3 or higher monsters, which spear carrier is not

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