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By MasterH2O
Hi, let me comment the deck profile :
-for the new stardust ratios I would play 1 Trail/ 2 Synchron instead of 2/, the reason being that Synchron is not a brick in your hand if you Connector, while you don't want to draw Trail in your starting hand, instead you want to send it to the graveyard with Stardust Illuminate or Foolish Burial.
- Rush Warrior, Road Synchron and especially Quickdraw are useless in this list because the deck revolves more around summonning the big dragons that the warriors. Only Satellite Warrior is viable, and you can't use Quickdraw to summon it. Only play Quickdraw if your deck includes Ultimaya Tzolkin.
- Because nothing banishes itself from GY, DDR is sorta useless, you should get a 3rd Living Fossil instead.
-Xiaolong does nothing, you would be better with another Synchron Carrier or Doppelwarrior, a combo piece that is really needed (by the way, Doppelwarrior is way better than Xialong, it does the same but much more).
-Raigeki and Feather Duster are also useless in the deck because the big dragons have omninegates that destroy so, again, you're better off with more combo pieces. Also you should think about including Psy-Framegear Gamma in the deck to negate a Ash Blossom on your Speeder, and it would provide board advantage !
You can check my OCG if you like, maybe you could find some inspiration :
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By JAM4077
Thank you for the comments, MasterH2O. I will take them into account. However, I want to keep Road Synchron as it helps bring out Red Supernova Dragon.
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By MasterH2O
By the way, there is a new card unveiled that allows the summon of a specific synchro material for a synchro monster of your extra deck. I don't think the card is needed, but if you want to play one, your best target is going to be Stardust Dragon with Shooting Star Dragon and Shooting Quasar Dragon in your Extra Deck ; or Junk Synchron if you manage to have a warrior monster that requires him in your extra deck.
Regarding Road Synchron and Supernova Dragon, I don't think Supernova Dragon justifies the use of Road Synchron (the only card that justifies it is Road Warrior, which is a crappy combo piece), mainly because Road can only be summonned from your deck with Speeder.
Stardust Synchron is going to do a lot more thing if you get him on the field instead.
The main thing to summon Supernova Dragon is to get a bunch of tuners on the field, so you want those tuners to be special summonned though at least multiple ways. One thing you could do to summon that big monster is to replace Brotaur with Majestic Dragon, because Majectic can be summonned with Wish-Converging Dragon, use Majestif for Majestic Star Dragon or its counterpart, and keep Wish for another synchro. 1 or 2 Synchro tuners are also going to help you with it.

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