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By Force
run 3 chaos space and 3 quick launch , i personally dont like the blue eyes engine in here. it seems to make the deck worst, also your forgeting alot of good link cards that most dragon link decks use, such as heavnly spheres, the galaxy spiral seems meh in the deck, it can be really good or really bad, depending on the sitatuon, cut sheou and some cards for the dragoon package. (1 red eyes fusion, dark magician, red eyes b dragon, and dragoon) also like i said previously, i do not like the blue eyes enine in here, it will only slow down the deck. if you want some ideas check out the first deck i ever built "community built dragon link" but dont copy it, my deck isnt the best deck ever, but get some ideas from it if you want.
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By Hero_Odet
or even better look at yugituers decks because those are the most modern adaptations
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By Hero_Odet
play sanaphold over hope
cut clear and crystal
play 3 ash and gamma
side out nibiru
cut nebula
absorouter too 1 and nocto too 3
might cut darkwurm
cut metal rokket and auto rokket and anthes rokket
cut cards of condense
cut dragon shrine
cut change over and the fusion
play tyding
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