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By PinkZoneAmy
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Please ignore Commando he doesn't know what he's talking about
ANyway this is an interesting deck I like it
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By MrShadowKin
The problem with Sunseed Shadow is that it doesn't do anything unless you have a normal plant monster on field. While this deck does do that quite often. Its not the only play. There have been many times I did not use Loci in a game. So shadow is just too specific to use. If I did run it. I would only play one since its searchable with Where Arf Thou. But feel free to edit this deck any way you see fit. This is just my current build that I find enjoyable.

ah i love this article. very good job. (:

Vampire 2021

The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.[…]

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PK Control

please just one play and called by can be at 3