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I've been meaning to put together a banishment deck since '06 when I got Banner's cards from World Championship Tournament 2006. In the recent Dark Dragoon tin, I got Pot of Extravagance and am considering to trade it in since I need a lot of card sleeves. But then I started thinking. Helios counts the monsters, which you'd have to know they're monsters so they'd need to be face-up. Golden Homunculus just counts the cards that are removed from play. Would Extravagance work here and pump him up or would those random banished cards need to be face-up too?
Thanks, that's what I figured Homunculus would count the cards regardless of what they were. I have Necroface and a lot of Gren with some others. Kycoo, Chaos, Macro Cosmos, I have a way to pump up a one-tribute to naturally be stronger than most others. Really appreciate your input! I was THIS CLOSE to cashing it in for value.
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