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Emergency call is in side deck because is not needed, emergency call only works for elemental heros, adding 3x emergency call to deck to make 47 wouldn't hurt but i wouldn't recommend it. With isolde effect, u can add any warrior/ hero monster to ur hand. Not using emergency call goes to show how consistent the deck is. Again it is optional.
it its textbook to put emergency call in hero deck but due to the versitility of the deck is not needed, if u want to add it feel free which it wouldn't hurt, i didnt add it because i wanted to keep deck at 44.
Also, are u serious?, just because u think it should be added doesn't mean i should add it, its not ur deck, if u want to add it make ur own deck and do so.

Also try not to be rude,
u sound like a noob at this point, stop talking because ur doing more harm than good, who said the card i would add to the hand with isodel will be used during that turn? Go watch the video and stop running ur mouth. You sound rude so I dont like to explain things to a noob. Watch the video before u start talking. Also i don't need to make excuses, first of all u dont know how the deck works so dont talk like u do, this deck is not like ur random hero deck so stop making ur self sound ignorant. if anything is weak, is ur knowledge which u can stop being ignorant and can work on. but don't tell me how to make a deck.
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Stop it here's a bit of philosophy everyone is noob we all still have much to learn about yugioh. So stop whining and either listen respectfully or ignore us we don't care we just give advice. Not everyone has time to watch your video people have lives we can give advice but we can't always watch the video. Good day
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