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its too bad i have no idea how stardust and synchrons work to build a deck around them. maybe shouldve watched 5d
For synchron it's simple, these days it's get junk speeder out and reap the benefits. Stardust is simply getting stardust dragon out (best way so fat is the assault mode engine where you can get it in one card, plus 8 copies of it) and then babysit it until it gets super strong.
An assault mode engine usually looks like: 3 psi reflector, 3 assault sentanal, 1 assault beast, 1 assault mode activate, 1 one for one, 1 emergency teleport, one rota.
simply put summon psy-reflector, search beast, discard beast for activate, reveal activate to summon beast as level 7 tune for stardust dragon, there's also still enough space to put in protection cards for your dragon, so yeah. I've once got DECIMATED by a stardust deck before, a good build can be really good.

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