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Oh nice have fun then but if you are doing anything competitive just the combo - also competitive or fun run shaddoll fusion its way too good to ignore and I would also run schism
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By Intiser
The only Twilightsworns worth running at the moment are Lumina, Ryko, and Lyla (the least). I would recommend running the normal Lightsworns over the Twilightsworns solely because they can mill right away, you can run like 1-2 copies of the Twilightsworns ones. Idk why you have 2 Michaels in extra when you don't have any Luminas (Twilightsworn one can't work because she is dark, not light) in your deck. If you are going to use Lightsworns, don't use Jain outside of pure Lightsworn build, she has been power creeped out a long time ago. The only Lightsworns worth running are Raiden, Lumina, Lyla, Ryko (Twilightsworn one), Feliz/Wulf (not really much but only if you have a bigger into the Lightsworn engine), and Minerva (extra deck, the tuner one is only good if doing more of actual Lightsworn heavy deck that runs JD or white/black dragons). Also, run 3x Solar Recharge, the best draw power card in the game especially for Lghtsworns. Run Allure of Darkness over Pot of Desire, like Pot of Desire is literally the worst thing for this deck. I would only recommend Pot of Desire for certain decks, definitely not for Lightsworns or Shaddols. I would suggest looking into putting a few Chaos monsters if you are going to do Lightsworns-Shaddols. Look into Chaos Valkyria, Chaos Creator, and Chaos Dragon Levianeer. I would suggest getting rid of 1 Michael from your extra deck and put Chaos Ruler the Chaotic Demonic Dragon. You only realistically need 1 Michael.

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