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Forgot to screen shot but I had about a record of 10-0 with DM on duelingbook. They hit the quit the button (rage quitters weren't prepared for the DM setups because I setup a whole field LMAO) but only one opponent admitted defeat and wasnt salty about getting outsmarted by DM. Never bricked on there either. Also the players on there were complimenting the deck and the starting hands I had, also I went first in every match nearly. But it was fun. I got hit with handtraps and stuff but still came through. This deck might need a few handtraps and maybe a bit more side deck options, other than that, this deck kicks ass. People were asking me what to call it... I guess Ima call it a "Combo DM" deck, officially.
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Yugituber wrote:
Thu Dec 03, 2020 5:03 pm
I don’t play decks without at least 6 handtraps in the main deck
You need about 4-6 handtraps... able to them work is to replace them with your draw power or replace them with Raigeki, Feather Duster, and 2 Lightning Storms.

I'd suggest: Droll, Joyous, 2 Ghost, and/or 2 Evenly Matched.

Tip: Replace 2 Lightning Storms with 2 Evenly Matched if you use them as side deck options. Very clutch.
Toon Lord wrote:
Thu Dec 03, 2020 5:28 pm
run 3 ash, and use a different hand trap than droll. evenly is okay, but is better in the side deck
You not peeping the format. Everything got to be ran in the exact same copies. Plus 3 Joyous is overkill and unnecessary. Droll is excellent for Fusion, Wonder Wand, or another handtrap. You could use Dimension Shifter if you dont like Droll either.
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