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I am not a fan of dark magician but I just wanted to make it as competitive as possible and I made myself a challenge to beat jobe’s deck. Dark magician is also the most requested deck I get sooooo... this is the best i got
The thing I like about jobe’s DM decks are how much effort he puts into making them. He does numerous combo tutorials in the comments ant I can tell that he put a lot of effort into it. His decks may not be the best but it is respectable that he keeps making his decks better every time and makes new combos every time. Also as I said in the deck description - I you want to win play Dragon link :)
Abhyss+New Spell

three nihil three snek rain three snek lily of the[…]


why are u playing shaddoll fusion with no shaddoll[…]

The things to look for in deck

9. Combo 10. Combo

my own personal deck

The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.[…]