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By jobe04051993
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You're going get hit with hand traps like Joyous & etc but its not going to work or have an impact on this deck. For example: this match had me 2-1. The handtraps were coming but I kept drawing and then using Dragoon while drawing into a full hand. A very super consistent deck and Mahad can special summon its self when drawn and also special summon DM when destroyed. So it helps out a lot for draws or rank 7 XyZ monsters.

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By SoulKing13
If you're adding a bunch of cards this format you're more likely to be hit by droll than ash. Ash is the most popular hand trap but Droll & Lock Bird is seeing a ton of play right now for Dragon-Link. Also you're pretty likely to be scooping to a combo board this format cause I see no real threatening cards for when you lose the die roll :(

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