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Table of ContentsInto the Depths Swabbing the DecklistMonstersSpellsSwimming LessonsA Good PlayThe Best PlayThe Game-Winning PlayThere are Bigger Fish to Fry Into the DepthsThe newest Speed Duel set, Trials of the Kingdom, added support to many current decks as well as unique, strategy-defining skills. My favorite deck to surface from the new card pool revolves around a new skill card, Terror from the Deep! and a monster card never printed before in the TCG, Kairyu-Shin.Kairyu-Shin is a level 5 normal Sea Serpent monster with 1800 attack and 1500 defense. Although the first TCG printing of Kairyu-Shin came in Trials of the Kingdom, the ...
Thank you so much for sharing. I am just now recently (today) starting back up playing yu-gi-oh again. Specifically speed duels because I am unfamiliar with the new stuff and I remember not liking the direction in which it was heading. My favorite theme is water/mako so it is nice to read about this build. I am thinking of buying a battle city box when it comes out. I hope that I can find some local tournaments to join as I would love for that to happen
Ice Barrier

The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.[…]

Chronomaly Chimera Dragon

mayan machine doesnt do anything in chronomaly

Magic Ruler

The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.[…]

Blackwing Deck 2021

Jesus 9k, didnt know blackwing was so loved