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By jobe04051993
Side note:

You can replace Lord Gaia with Arisen Gaia (since it has a DARK attribute) and you can replace Hat Trick with Performage Trick Clown (since it has a LIGHT attribute). Pay attention to the pattern between Warrior/Spellcaster types. Deck is broken and you get a good hand every time. Honestly I have not lost to any duelist with this deck... yet, which my win ratio remains undefeated as of late. This deck can summon The Knights within 3 turns less/or more depending on what you draw or strategize. Thanks!

Edit: You can mill The Legendary Dragons to the GY with Magical Hats if you got a Legend Of Heart and Warrior type monster in your hand. You can also use Shadow Mist for Destruction Virus as well as to add Prisma to your hand. Then you can use Prisma for Timaeus or the summon of the Knights. YOU CAN ALSO USE LEVEL 4 MONSTERS TO GO INTO LEVEL 4 RANK XYZ MONSTERS TOO!

For Example: Summoner Monk can bring out Prisma, Shadow Mist or Trick Clown for a Rank Summon. (Trick Clown is your best option so you can Rank up with its broken effect) to bring out DRAGON/WARRIOR/SPELLCASTER XYZ RANK MONSTERS! I forgot to add in the XYZs I used for this deck but you need Daigusto, Castel, Rebellion Dragon, Gagaga Cowboy, and etc! Thanks!
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By jobe04051993
Feel like this is one of the most underrated deck builds because of the combos:

Arisen Gaia & Charging Gaia are combos to XYZ summon Ebon (who can special summon DM from hand or deck)

Summoner Monk & Trick Clown is a broken combo to XYZ summon up to many monsters as you want (Castel, XYZ Rebellion Dragon, Performage Trapeze, Utopia, Bamboozled, Daigusto, and etc)

Shadow Mist/Summoner Monk/or Magicians Robe & Destruction Virus is a combo

Magicians Robe & Timaeus/and a Spell/Trap card in your hand to summon DM is a combo

Shadow Mist to get Prisma out for DM and Timaeus is a combo

Spellcasters/Warriors theme deck for Timaeus/and or Hermos is a combo to get Magic Hammer or Rocket Cannon/Goddess Bow

Critias for Mirror Force/Virus is another combo to bring out both Dragons

Dark Allure can aid you to draw 2 cards since this deck has a mix of DARK warriors/spellcasters and LIGHT warriors/spellcasters

Monk can get you access to Rank 4s to bring out Warrior/Spellcaster/Dragon XYZ monsters to throw off your opponent (ex. Daigusto who can summon Dark Magician from the GY if you were to have an extra Timaeus in your hand)

Legendary Knights can be used for Hermos if you need to mill them or use them for a discard

Magical Hats can send up to two Legendary Dragons to GY if you have at least a warrior on the field and Legend Of Heart in your hands as well as another Legendary Dragon with a different name to bring out the Legendary Knights...

You cant brick with the Legendary Knights since they're down to 1 copy of each. If you have all 3 Prismas on the field you can summon Timaeus quicker too. So this deck is an OFFICIAL Legendary Knights deck for now. Very playable in tournament. Does not disappoint. Thats factual. 👌👍
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By jobe04051993

Summon them less than 4 turns. Best deck ever and still undefeated with them but I wish Konami would make a Quick-Spell version of Magical Hats so you could dump the Legendary Dragons quicker to the GY. This deck could be Tier if one existed (since we canNOT use Painful Choice in TCG rules)

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