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By zabimaroux
not sure why if gives weird links to these cards but igore the link,
"3 dark magicians, 3 Magician rod, 3 dark magical circle 1 dark magic attack"
just read as is without links
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By Namonaki
Nice deck profile bro. You explained every card in details.
I know it will be outdated in TCG next year but it's still a viable deck this year

Hope I can see your 2020 DM deck profile soon
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By zabimaroux
Thanks namonaki, appreciate it ha, took a while to do,
Yeah this is just until January but still works pretty well.

Yeah I'll need to do a lot of testing with the new cards

Currently working on dark magician and mystic mine. Its pretty fun and secret op, i just need to figure how to protect my back row better ha
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By zabimaroux
yes he is, if they have 3 link monsters,(says either fusion summon or ) very situational but i've used it a few times, works on dueling nexus and at casuals some people thought the same but the judge said it works, can't remember what he said though
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