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By D.Allen127
I'll be honest this is pretty bad. Reason is

1: You use Allure of Darkness. When your full main deck monster roster is dark-based monster, you're bound to banish 1 one card. If you don't draw any monsters, you're bound to send spell cards to graveyard which is bad
2: Danger!? Jackalope is not too ideal for this deck, since your resources are either hand or graveyard, special summon from deck is not too neccessary, instead switch those for Danger! Chupacabra, which will restore your resources much more consistant
3: More Dragged Down To The Grave and Gateway to the Darkworld, since the main monsters type is fiend, since you use Dragged Down To The Grave, it would be wise to use Mind Crush to control your opponent hand as much as you can
4: No trap is pretty dangerous, one trap card that is pretty much a must have for Dark World is Skill Drain, while yes it will hamper your extra deck monster, it will also hamper most meta deck currently in game, and while you're at it Dark Smog is also great to control graveyard, but don't use too many, can be brick to your hand, a negating trap card is recommended as well
5: I'd recommend switch Upstart Goblin to another Trade-in, since your playing 6 level 8 Danger! monster, which will still activate effect if discarded for cost
6: A morphing jar is good, since Konami just limited them
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