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By Kitwood
apologies if this has been asked already i did look but couldnt see a post . when you load prices in the deck builder im assuming that the prices are based off of online market value , but whats the difference in the green peach n orange boxes (apart from the obvious increase in price)
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Prices are pulled from Yu-Gi-Oh! prices (who in turn monitor the markets for the prices).

They have the prices broken down into 3 categories:

- Low (average "low" price of the card) : Green
- Medium (average "medium" price of the card) : Yellow
- High (average "high" price of the card): Orange

A card could be released in multiple sets and on average could be worth, let's say $1. However, it could also have in theory been released in a rare set such as a Tournament Pack set which sells for $20. This is where the difference between Low, Medium and High comes in.

This in turn could also mean rarities. It could release in Set A as a common for $0.50 and it could be a Secret Rare in Set B for $10.

And so on.
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