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By Celestiox
in card database after the new update to inferface i cant seach anything no new old or previous i have to search the full name of a card for it to pop up i cant use the customs all i see is No cards found with current search filters. on everything
What web browser are you using? You need to clear your web browser cache as your web browser still has the old version cached to it.
jasoneldridge wrote:
Mon Jun 17, 2019 9:33 pm
I seem to be having the same problem here. And I did what was suggested. No change at all.


What web browser are you using? I'd really like to investigate this. It's working on every device I've tested and I've tested a whole lot so this is strange.

I'm almost certain it's a caching issue.
Actually it's an issue on how I generate the date. Depending on your timezone it may not work.

I've disbled it for now and will fix in the morning.
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