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I'm struggling to replicate the issue honestly. I'm doing numerous tests and they are all completing successfully.
On top of that I see now errors on the server to indicate a failure.

Can you do one quick test for me please? Go back to the pack opener, hit F12 to open the console. Click on the network tab. Put the two windows side by side (pack opener and console window).

Do the pack opener again and try add the cards to your collection. Do you see the requests in the network tab? Have any failed (they would be red)?

You can also click on the "Console" tab to see if any errors have cropped up there.
Nothing there out of the ordinary.

I'm going to sit down later and deep dive the issue.

Just so we are on the same page:

- You are on Chrome (I'm assuming the latest version?).
- You are in the pack simulator.
- You stick to draft 24 packs.
- You open all packs.
- You hit "add draft to collection".
- Not all cards are added to the collection.

Would that be right?
I've completely re-coded the logic behind the "add draft to collection" button. Massively optimizing it from multiple requests (per card) into one request.

Tested it and it works correctly. Can you do a test for me and see how it performs? Thanks!
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