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This is so strange... By the sounds of things it's either not adding all the cards to the array or it's not submitting them correctly to your account.

However if it was the latter there would be server errors (there is none).

I'll take a look at this again. In the meantime can you clear your web browser cache.

Also does it work for let's say, 5 packs?
sorry, i had to work. did some testing and 5 packs gave 0 cards to collection even after cache clear. i think i found the issue though. i think there is a limit on how many cards we can add. i deleted roughly 2k cards (after saving the csv) and tried again. worked fine after that.
Hmm that shouldn't really matter since there is no hard limit and many users have 5-7k cards in their collection.

What could be the issue could actually be a visual bug. I'm wondering if the cards are actually added but your browser is freezing when attempting to load all the cards into the collection page, making it look like they aren't being added.

I'll investigate a bit further.

(Server logs are making it look like all cards are being added for you)
Hey there, I have been working on a re-work of the collection page as per here: https://github.com/AlanOC91/YGOPRODeck/issues/254

I currently have a beta version that I would like you to test if possible to see if your issue still persists.

Can you email me at [email protected] or shoot me a PM here please.
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