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By somedimwit
When hovering over a card with my mouse on desktop on Google Chrome, the deck builder only shows me the information for the very first card I hover over per-refresh in the filter section. For example, when first loading up the deck builder I hovered over Blue-Eyes White Dragon and could see level, ATK/DEF, description, etc. Every single other card says "Error while loading card" when trying to hover over, and when refreshing the page you could hover over any other hypothetical card such as "Dark Magician" and get the same bug where the first one you hover over has all the information you need and the rest do not show anything. Just want to be able to see the information for other cards at a glance, thank you!
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This should be fixed! I temporarily broke our Card API while applying an update for it. I'd recommend a cache refresh by pressing Ctrl + F5 or clearing your browser cache but it should work for you now.
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