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I simply wanted to give a suggestion on how to fix/upgrade the collection feature since i notice there are a few things that might be possible to change out of convenience for its users.
I've been testing it a bit and it seems the "Boxes" serve as a filter for cards that are already in them get stacked with the cards you pull from the Pack Opener Simulator in spite of me trying to include a card that was in another box into the one i wanted it would automatically stack into the box that i did not want it in even if i changed the name of their prints it remembers what the original prints were and stack onto that. so i suggest an option to being able to choose in what "Box" to add the cards from your pack opener simulator and not just automatically stack the cards while leaving the "New" cards of a different print that you've never gotten into unassigned. this way a user doesn't need to open multiple packs just to get a 1rst edition copy or higher print grade just to make a pseudo separate collection with boxes. this way it ensures they can keep using this sites collection without jumping onto another.
not to mention this upgrade may sound appealing to those that want to relive the past formats or even something that's been Trending in this past Year of 2020 called The Yugioh Progression Series.
this way they can make different collections for starting over the series whenever they want and still keep the cards from previous series to continue thus having multiple use in that manner.
I have a few features I'd like to suggest, but if they're not feasible then I totally understand not including them.

Firstly, I'd like a way to merge my 1st Edition cards with my Unlimited cards. I don't really have a need to keep them as separate entries on my list, personally, so a button that would just combine the two would be nice.

Second, I wish it was more convenient to use the Collection to see level/type/stats/effects. I usually have to hop between ygoprodeck, db.yugioh-card, and duelingbook at the same time when I'm building a deck. If I could just see cards' effects as I'm scrolling through the Collection, that would be really helpful.

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