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By b2reel
So I'm new to this and having trouble loading a deck to duel with. I'm sure its something simple but I'm a bit challenged when it comes to computers. I click on "decks," it takes me to this site, I find the deck I submitted but can't figure out how to get it to the site where we duel? Help please.........
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Ok so just to be clear, you are either having an issue uploading a deck here or using it in game?

If it's 1:
You go here https://ygoprodeck.com/send-us-a-deck/and you upload the .ydk file from your ygopro deck folder. This is the deck itself. This will allow you to share your deck for others.

If it's 2:
Maybe you've built a deck with our online deck builder or downloaded a deck here and don't know how to use it in game? Well you download the deck and it's a .ydk file. You then drop the deck file into the "deck" folder of your ygopro client on your PC. Start the game and go to "Edit Decks" and you should see the deck you downloaded.

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