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So me and my friends have been drafting cards and playing against each other and have been using the sorted collection of the deck builder to sort the cards so we can know what we have. But I tried to click the button from my collection which is still there and I'm taken to the page with basically nothing on it. (Image attatched)
Please help I do wan't to keep playing but it might be impossible if I'm unable to use the deck builder.
I also tried using the straight to deck builder button after opening some packs and it came up with the same short page with little to nothing.
We updated the deck builder recently and it looks like you might be having a cache issue with it.

Can you visit the deck builder page and press Ctrl+f5 on the keyboard and see if it loads?

If not, please try clear your web browser cache.

If you visit the page in cognito mode, does the same thing happen?

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