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I finalized an article and then I clicked Submit but it only appears in the Article Discussion and I would like it to be posted on the main page of the site.
When I select what I've done it opens full in Article Discussion. I have looked at other articles that have been posted and other than mine when I enter them only a small initial snippet of the article is presented and they feature the phrase "Read Full Article" to redirect you to the main page of the site to read full. Thank you for your attention.
Hi there,

Articles are posted by pre-approved members who are registered to the system as article writers. They post articles on the main site and an automatic placement is added to the forum.

You simply created a forum post under "Article Discussion".

If you wish to write article content for the site, please go through our approval process: https://ygoprodeck.com/write-for-ygoprodeck/

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