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Hello all!

When importing settings into the custom draft mode in the pack opener, the opener always opens the packs in Alphabetical order, regardless of how the actual settings are ordered.

I would think it was just locked into alphabetical, but couple dozens of tries, it'll display the packs in the order I actually wrote them.

I wrote the settings for main sets in Chronological order, for a chaos draft. But upon clicking start draft, it starts with Absolute Power force and goes alphabetically.

It's even to the point where if I hit import settings with my chronological list, and then hit export, the settings it will export are Alphabetical. And it'll rewrite the text in the settings box to be alphabetical. Screenshots showing before and after below.



I have tried it in Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox, and on two separate computers. I have tried it with the chaos draft setting toggled on and off. I have tried changing the sorting order in every dropdown I can find, but none of those seem to effect it either.

I can't seem to find any cause for when it does or doesn't work, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the settings text I am inputting into the draft settings menu.

The Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon|1
Metal Raiders|1
Magic Ruler|1
Pharaoh's Servant|1
Labyrinth of Nightmare|1
Legacy of Darkness|1
Pharaonic Guardian|1
Magician's Force|1
Dark Crisis|1
Invasion of Chaos|1
Ancient Sanctuary|1
Soul of the Duelist|1
Rise of Destiny|1
Flaming Eternity|1
The Lost Millennium|1
Cybernetic Revolution|1
Elemental Energy|1
Shadow of Infinity|1
Enemy of Justice|1
Power of the Duelist|1
Cyberdark Impact|1
Strike of Neos|1
Force of the Breaker|1
Tactical Evolution|1
Gladiator's Assault|1
Phantom Darkness|1
Light of Destruction|1
The Duelist Genesis|1
Crossroads of Chaos|1
Crimson Crisis|1
Raging Battle|1
Ancient Prophecy|1
Stardust Overdrive|1
Absolute Powerforce|1
The Shining Darkness|1
Duelist Revolution|1
Starstrike Blast|1
Storm of Ragnarok|1
Extreme Victory|1
Generation Force|1
Photon Shockwave|1
Order of Chaos|1
Galactic Overlord|1
Return of the Duelist|1
Abyss Rising|1
Cosmo Blazer|1
Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy|1
Judgment of the Light|1
Shadow Specters|1
Legacy of the Valiant|1
Primal Origin|1
Duelist Alliance|1
The New Challengers|1
Secrets of Eternity|1
Crossed Souls|1
Clash of Rebellions|1
High-Speed Riders|1
Dimension of Chaos|1
Breakers of Shadow|1
Shining Victories|1
The Dark Illusion|1
Invasion: Vengeance|1
Raging Tempest|1
Maximum Crisis|1
Code of the Duelist|1
Circuit Break|1
Flames of Destruction|1
Cybernetic Horizon|1
Soul Fusion|1
Savage Strike|1
Dark Neostorm|1
Rising Rampage|1
Chaos Impact|1
Ignition Assault|1
Eternity Code|1

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