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By RedEyesCommando
Drytron System Merge
Normal Spell
Send 2 or more "Drytron" monsters (In your hand or on your field) to the GY; Fusion summon 1 "Drytron" Fusion monster from your extra deck. You can banish this card from your GY; Special Summon 1 "Drytron" Ritual monster from your hand. You can only use one effect of "Drytron System Merge" once per turn.

Drytron Epsilon
Machine / Effect
Light / 1000 Atk / 1000 Def / Level 2
When Special summoned; Special summon 1 "Drytron Zeta" from your hand or GY. If this card is special summoned by a "Drytron" Ritual monster; add 1 "Drytron" Spell and "Drytron Zeta" to your hand. You can only activate each effect of "Drytron Epsilon" once per turn.

Drytron Hybrid Zeta-Epsilon
Fusion / Machine / Effect
Light / 3000 Atk / 3000 Def / Level 8
Fusion Materials: 3 or more "Drytron" monsters, including "Drytron Zeta" or "Drytron Epsilon"
When Fusion summoned; Special summon "Drytron" Ritual or Xyz equal to the number of materials used for this card's summoning. Any battle or effect damage you would take is halved. Gains 300 Atk for every "Drytron" monster you control (Except this one).
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By Kcoby3198
RedEyesCommando wrote:
Wed Oct 20, 2021 5:29 pm
I think I know how they work. Just ritual summon and then just special summon like nobody's watching.
You only got it in the wrong order. First you special summon like nobody's watching and then you ritual summon..
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By Samm99663
Before you make support for an archetype trying figuring out what they do. This support you made doesn't help them at all.
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