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By RedEyesCommando
Vulpixan Infernoid
Atk/Def: 1600/1400
Level 3 FIRE Beast-Warrior
When played; add 1 "Vulpixan" card to your hand. When destroyed; shuffle this card into the deck.
Infernity Vulpixan Magmortar
Atk/Def: 2300/2000
Level 6 FIRE Fiend
When played; shuffle 2 cards into your deck. If you have no cards in your hand, inflict 800 points of damage. You conly use this once per turn.
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By RedEyesCommando
Vulpixan Hydra
Atk/Def: 2000/1300
Level 4 FIRE Dragon
When played; gain 500 LP. You can halve this card's attack points and if you do, it can make a 2nd attack.
Vulpixan Magma Zone
Field Spell
When played; destroy 1 monster your opponent controls. When this card is destroyed; shuffle it into the deck instead.
Vulpixan Flame Hound
Atk/Def: 2300/1800
Level 5 FIRE Beast
When played; add 1 "Vulpixan" card to your hand. When a card is shuffled into the deck; gain 500 LP.

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