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So I am getting back to the game since I have been away for a long time and I am fascinated by Melffies and Madolche. I expected to grab a Melffy Deck, but didn't want to go down Tri Road yet. After a very long instrumentation and design test, I thought about it. I haven't seen Nordic Melffy yet and it could be clarified, but I should give it a try! According to my investigation, Melffy can create an incredible control deck. While not 100% intended for this, most of the additional decks I choose do. I'm also talking about whether Consistently Planned would help with that, but I'm trying to keep it as close to the exit plan as possible and Alpha is getting more and more expensive for me right now. Maybe Valerifawn will work better, Bounce Ear, since I can fly a Kalentosa off my nail and have an agent after him, but would it be better to point out opponents?
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