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Good question. The side deck here is just the verbatim list I used at locals when I played this deck. It's not necessary to the main deck here and generally you should build your 15-card side deck based around matchups you expect to face in competitive play.

I read a lot about side-decking when I got back into the game a few months back, but for as much as I read, there's nothing that teaches a player the importance of good side deck-building like competitive play. In most competitive play, matches consist of up to 3 games. The player who loses game-1 gets to determine whether they go first or second in game-2, but before they announce their choice, both players have an opportunity to substitute cards from their main deck for cards in their side deck. If you expect to be forced into going second and having to play into a difficult board with several negates, for instance, you might side-in 3x Dark Ruler No More and/or 3x Book of Eclipse. On the other hand, if you're playing something like Tri-Brigade that uses a certain mechanic (ex. banishing) to build their board, you might side-in 3x Artifact Lancea, which is a hand-trap that prevents both players from banishing cards--and thus resolving effects requiring banishing--for the turn.

Side decking is extremely important to winning matches, and like anything, it takes practice to figure out what to side-in and out for certain matchups.

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