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By Kongzilla
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Just a terrible Gadget/Trap Monster/Union Monster deck that just happened to seem fun, but is not intended for competitive use normally.

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By Kcoby3198
Hi there,

I have looked at both of your Gadget decks and have some notes:

In general, Gadgets are an archetype whose strength is to pump out rank 4 Xyz monsters. Gold Gadget and Silver Gadget are the best in archetype cards to do so. (Cards like Infinitrack Anchor Drill and Tin Goldfish can help there as well.) Both should be played at three copies.

The other Gadgets (yellow, green, red) are there to generate advantage, since they search each other on summon, so you always have a rank 4 play in hand. They are often played  at two to three copies.

For the extra deck, I would advise you to play cards like Platinum Gadget, Gear Gigant X, Drill Driver Vespenato, Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder. Zeus is pretty much present in every Xyz based deck, because it is an unfair card.

For the Gadget - Machina variant, you should definitely look at the video I posted under your post in the Forum.

As for the Trap - Version, you should play traps that interrupt your opponent, otherwise u will be beaten in no matter of time!

Hope this helps. :)
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By GioGio
you cant use summoner monk because you have no spells. your trap lineup is horrible. you only play 1 of each of the only good gadget monsters. and you are playing so many bad monsters. every non gadget monster you are playing is horrible. this will not overwhelm anyone

and your extra deck is bad too. gadgets want to xyz summon, so play more good rank 4s. good ones. not dark rebellion, ouroboros or exceed dragon. and play the gadget link monster
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