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Salute to Konami for helping me put this together.

3 Cyber Dragon = DM
3 Cyber Dragon Core = Rod
3 Cyber Nachster = Souls
3 Cyber Dragon Herz = Illusion
3 Cyber Dragon Vier = Chronicle
3 Galaxy Soldier = Apprentice
1 Cyber Eltanin = (Timaeus, MoC, or Mahad)
1 Jizukiru = DMG
3 Cyber Emergency = Servant (or DM Circle)
1 Foolish Burial = True Name
3 Overload Fusion = Timaeus
1 Cyberload Fusion = Illusion Magic
2 Cyber Repair Plant = DM Circle (or Servant)
1 Cyber Revsystem = DM Veil
1 Cybernetic Fusion Support = DM Inheritance
3 Machine Duplication = BBTaS
1 Harpie’s Feather Duster = DM Attack
3 Power Bond = Secrets of DM
1 Cybernetic Overflow = Dark Burning Magic

First summon Rod to search out Illusion Magic:

Use Illusion Magic to add two DMs to your hand:

Then use SoDM to fuse the two DMs into TDMs:

Now you'll use Servant to add Souls to the top:

After that resolves, trigger TDMs effect to draw:

Now use Souls effect to dump your DMG from your deck to the GY, then summon DM from your GY:

Then after DM is successfully summoned, you can now trigger the effect of Chronicle Magician:
XyZ both Chronicle and DM into Ebon Illusion, then detach 1 material to summon DM from the deck:

Then use BBTaS to summon DMG and set 1 card (you can always go for DMA or DBM in any case):

Also now you can banish Servant to draw 2 cards:

Use True Name to declare a card (call it right to add it or you can manipulate it as a "Foolish Burial" and call it wrong on purpose, but I took a lucky guess and got it right, which added Secrets to my hand):

You can either Ritual summon or Fusion summon a card, due to your preferences of your situation:

And... thats only 1 of the OTK combos. This deck can do so much, very flexible in any match up. Hope you guys enjoy this deck and explore more of these combos. Shout out to Konami!!! Thanks!
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