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By JACataclysmic 101
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If someone told me 10 years ago that Cyberdarks would be able to consistently end on a Towers and two Omni-negates i would have sent that someone to the shadow realm.

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By FeeshSlayer
JACataclysmic 101 wrote:
Sun Oct 17, 2021 8:15 pm
I love how Cyber End Dragon looks like it's wearing a golden monocle in the artwork of Cyberdark End Dragon. Komedy gold.
"Your life points, good sir; I am here to absolve you of your life points."
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By Drowning Mage
Do you not like Cyberdark Invasion? I find it to be a good way to make sure Cyberdarkness has two negates on the opponent's turn and it's decent to keep giving it negates. I like at least one since it's searchable and in a pinch can be pitched for horizon.
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By MikeE
While netdecking I noticed that horizon isn't on the actual image but I noticed in duel nexus.
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