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By ManuMango
ED is looking pretty fine.

To make one - albeit minor - suggestion to your combo:
Use the two Link-1s to make Crystal Heart. Practically makes no difference for the combo itself but if your opponent decides to Nibiru, use removal, etc. you already have an unaffected monster on the field. Even if it's a weak one it's still a WATER Link-2 on the board compared to nothing on the field.

Current is a really bad burn card. It's a conditional 1600 dmg (at most) that situationally deals a little more. It's unsearchable and you literally want to see any other card in your hand.

Since Bahamut Shark and the Marincess combo involving Crystal Heart requires 2 cards and you wanna see Wave as consistently as possible I'd suggest cutting the deck as close as possible to 40 cards. I'd personally cut some handtraps. Down to 9 and without Current that already gives you 2 more open slots to work with.

A neat tech - totally optional but can be pretty strong - is playing 1 Basilalima. Past turn 1 it's an excellent card to mill with Blue Tang and it's a good discard off of Cynet Mining or Dinomischus and can be summoned with Pascalus for a Bahamut Shark.
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By ManuMango
Since you changed the ED after my last comment I gotta say, it was better before.
Slug is fine at 2, Bubble Reef at 1 (you have Marbled Rock as another boss monster) and you took out Jammer and Transcode.
Can't be for budget reasons, Accesscode is still there.

Also, Splash Mage is required for a 1-card Bubble Reef (two Link-2s into Splash Mage, revive your Sea Horse or Blue Tang, go into Anemone and revive Splash Mage to go into Bubble Reef).
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By Dagnar
About the changes: i was testing some things, the advice helpedyou gave helped. now is this Better than the last?
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By ManuMango
The extra deck is looking much better compared to how it looked before. My suggestion would be to cut the third Blue Slug for a Transcode Talker. That way it’s not only easier to make Accesscode, you’ll also have access to another Attribute to banish with Accesscode.

For the main deck I’d recommend cutting as close to 40 as possible. Bahmut Shark requires you to see your unsearchable level 4 extenders and Wave, which you want to see as much as possible, isn’t searchable either. You don’t run many bricks that’d benefit from more than 40 cards either.
Imo you don’t need so many reborn effects. I’d keep the Monster Reborn and cut the Successions as Monster Reborn is less restrictive. You’re also playing a whole lot of handtraps. If you cut them down by a playset you’re already down to 40.

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