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I never had a local experience, so I decided to build a proper deck that wasn't for fun (Salamangreat) and tried to play at a local near my town with a friend. Before I say anything else, I'd like to point out that I had a lot of fun playing and a pretty decent score (2-2 out of 5 rounds, last round had to forfeit due to being about to lose my train).

The only problem I've encountered was my first opponent. He was playing Zombies with Zombie World, so a deck that I've never played against. The problem really wasn't his deck, but it was more about his general behavior.

Even if I told him at the beginning of the game that I hadn't played YGO for a long time so I may have took some time to read some cards and think about my plays, he behaved like I had to know each single card in the game and didn't let me any second to think, telling me that "time was running out" even thoough we were still on first round. Anyway, first round won and while I was thinking about what to side against him, he had already done everything and was telling me to speed up. Second round, he never let me read his cards and just cheaply told me the effects, asking me sometime "how can you not know what this card does?", then I just proceeded to set up a basically unbreakable board (had a really lucky opening hand) and won some turns later, but the way I won must have really pissed him off for some reason. Basically his field was clear, but he had cards in hand and I didn't know if he could've had something to stop me, so to be safe instead of open attacking with my monster that were already on the field, I've started doing some thing to bring out a couple negates just to be sure to win. After I did all of that and attacked for game, he said:

"I really don't get why you just didn't open attack. My board was empty, what could've have I done? People that play like this really pisses me off, I can't understand them."

He then proceeded to take his things and go away without saying anything else and not even watching me in the face.

I know most of the players aren't like this, especially at locals, but I really don't get why people should be mad for a game at locals, even more if you're against someone that already told you that he could've took some time to think because he was basically new.

How do you deal with people like this? I usually don't care and I just continue to do my things during the game, but I think players that are this much competitive kinda ruin the locals experience, which in my opinion should be just some time to play and have fun.
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