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By JinstKebe
Trying to build a nice true draco deck, the build is currently over 50 cards, i need help with cutting out everything that i dont need. Im not using extra deck in order to use the monarchs erupt Here is the list:

Monsters: 1x dinomight knight 3x ignis heat 3x majesty maiden 1x metaltron xii 1x true king agnimazud 1x true king lithosagym 3x mariamne 2x lector pendulum 2x vector pendulum 2x master pendulum 2x luster pendulum 3x master peace the true dracoslayer 3x amorphactor pain

Spells: 3x amorphus persona 1x dragonic diagram 3x disciples of the truVidMate Mobdro
e dracophoenix 3x true draco heritage 1x draco face off 2x the monrachs stormforth

Traps: 3x the monarchs erupt 3x true king return 1x true draco apocalypse 2x there can only be one 1x rivalry of the warlords 1x mind drain 1x waterfall of dragon souls.
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By namoshare
The "True Kings" are Level 9 Wyrm monsters whose combined ATK and DEF equal 4800. They share some similarities with the "Dragon Rulers", such as the fact they are FIRE, WIND, WATER and EARTH-Attribute, share a combined sum of ATK and DEF among them, and have effects related to their Attributes:
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