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hey everyone! as the title says im fairly new to YGO and have a few structure decks(3 mech madness, 3 slifers,1 frozen chains,1 obelisk, 1 dinosmash fury and 1 spirit charmers). also have a bunch of kings court cards from the 5 boxes i bought.( have 2 lightning storms im willing to use) and have 3 duel devastator's coming. bought some random packs of other sets but nothing worth listing besides I:P.
So im looking for a somewhat competitive deck to play around with on EDO for now before i build it and i would like to go to some local events! due to covid there spots are really limited so i wouldnt want to waste a spot using my 3X machina deck LOL.

id really like some help as to what decks to try out and such! id say budget is like $150usd/200 cad. keep in mind i have some of the staples coming that would take 40+ off most builds.

Thanks and looking forward to everyone help!
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