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By ManuMango
Both Bufferlo and Debug at three is definitly too much. If you're not playing too many handtraps I'd suggest 3 Bufferlo and 0-2 Debugs as Bufferlo will get you your traps, has crazy draw power and turns your other Salamangreat normal summons into extender by dumping them.
Also Bufferlo will pretty much never be used to go into Stallio (you'd sacrifice the draw 2 plus it's difficult to extend without a salamangreat name on the board) so I'd play a third spinny (extendiest extender if that makes sense) or a third foxy (sending another salad card to grave can be both good and bad and foxy can play through nibiru the easiest)
Rest of the deck seems really solid! For the ED I'd really try to include Bagooska. Abyss Dweller is powerful but more niche than dweller and as much as I love Linguriboh (nobody expects it and punishes your opponent for not shotgunning their traps) I think Bagooska is more important. I guess the next best card to swap Linguriboh for would be the second Heatleo imo
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