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By amorphage
Both mr flower knight

You love prank kids right? Try a prank kid icon
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By Phantazmayknight
Has this guy heard of banlists or link monsters? Trish is limited and this deck, while being mediocre, could sure use non-ice barrier cards in it, and link monsters.
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By BorgarTimeYGO
Play three revealer,
play three wayne,
play three speaker,
play three prior,
play toadally awesome
play halq and riser dragon to go into trish on your opponent's turn,
Both dewloren and smol trish are limited,
cut the fusion,
cut all the high levels except for wayne and maybe one grunard,
play some additional water engine like frogs or marincess,
get rid of all the bad ice barrier cards (most of any that I haven't mention in the main deck),
play 40 cards,
play more generic toolbox cards in the extra,
and remember, you can't trigger big trish's effect, it has to be your opponent.
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By Hydrocity
I agree with borgar, wouldn't reccomend playing too many of the older ice barriers, other than prior and cryo. The new ones are in general, much better.
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