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By henrystick
ai contact falls under the same category as moray of greed, that being a newbie trap that's good on paper but horrible in practice and won't help you in most cases
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By Hero_Odet
I think you are forgetting this is a nexus deck there shuffle system is broken and sometimes I need different cards, yes It does not work in normal dueling but it dose work in nexus
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By amorphage
I don’t play handtraps in Adams,

I just need to kill the negates and then otk (I play fossil variant) so I never really needed the handtraps

Plus handtraps can hurt Adamacipator consistency anyways
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By Yugituber
henrystick wrote:
Tue Feb 23, 2021 7:20 pm
edopro's shuffler isn't as good either tbh
Nor is duelingbook’s shuffler - I was dueling with toon lord and both of us drew driver in our starting hands 2 duels in a row (BOTH OF US)
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