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You can insult heros but you may not insult my honor, and yes the best is subjective but there is usually a reason it is called the best you cannot declare it, and it dose not work it is an inconsistent mess that the only way you could win is by dueling preschoolers and even that's subjective and to answer your question any deck that can be considered competitively viable and no It dose not matter if you go first or not if your running hand traps plus one perfectly timed negate could easily break this deck. And finally we shouldn't have to add those cards they should already be there
Alright people, we reached the point again at which I humbly remind you that we are talking about pieces of cardboard with text and pictures on them. If we could refrain from calling people "noobs", "baboons", "unbearable", "delusional" or other words and phrases, that would be great.

I do not have enough of a clue about "Heroes" of any kind to see whether or not this build works, but if you want to test the entire thing, why not duel each other on whatever platform is available to you all? That would certainly prove more than throwing some deck theory at each other. Just saying.
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