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Deck is very broken, with your first hand you get to decide how you start the duel. 6 field zones was not enough, checkout gameplay to find out for yourself. Hard to see any destiny hero deck topping this in terms of versatility, power and consistency.
TO be fair i wanted to add Destiny End dragon, dangerous, Starving venom and other cards but needed more extra deck xD, But decided to keep it as it is because everything in the extra deck runs in sync with deck xD. DYSTOPIA works well with Sunrise, which would have also work well with dangerous, dominance works well with fusion destiny allowing you to summon (destiny hero malicious and drawhand) and to recover ur monsters incase it gets destroyed. Absolute zero works well with sunrise, after using sunrise to add fusion destiny. You get the idea. everything works so well in the extra deck was hard xD. Of course feel free to add anycard you think should be added yourself xD.
Dystopia is a better option due to its destructive effect (works well with infernoble equip spells), dangerous may allow you to send destiny hero cards from deck to grave which may work well with malicious, but its effect can make cards fusion destiny which require destiny hero cards useless.Fusion destiny does what dangerous does except its better especially drawing it on ur first turn as to fusion summon dominance by sending malicious and other hero cards to grave as it allows u to fill ur grave with monsters again similar to dangerous effect except better. fusion destiny does dangerous effect excluding the attack boost. Hence, dangerous is not as needed because deck already has enough fire power by it self alone and if you include the infernoble monsters equip cards which also boost attack. lastly anki is good for OTK due to its ability to add quick change, dystopia is also good OTK due to its ability to inflict effect damage and destroying cards on the field which is more beneficial in general because it is more versatile.
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