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This is my last reply to u because unlike u i actually got a life, its either u dont read my messages or u have nothing in ur life and want to annoy people. U SAID "using synchros you’re shutting yourself of off faris and cross crusader" IF u read my comments, i said u decide how u open/ start the duel weather u choose to go one path or the other. I use warrior monsters to start the combo allowing cross crusader to be easily summon, then again u wouldn't know this cause ur a noob and ignorant. Also most of the cards u called bricky actually support and allow Cross Crusader to be easily special summon. u don't seem very smart thats for sure then again u could be a noob just like i said before.
infernoble knight captain rolland which is a tuner allows u to add ANY warrior monster to ur hand during ur end phase, in this case it could be "elemental hero honest, gearfried (which is broken af) or any warrior monster of ur choice " which is very useful during ur opponents turn or during ur next turn. rolland is then used to bring chaos, which allows u to add/send cards from the top of ur deck to grave which combos which destiny hero malicious and other infernoble equip cards (since, they can all be equiped to warriors) chaos also allows u to easily combo with infernoble emperor chales, destiny hero plasma.
Toon Lord wrote:
Tue Feb 23, 2021 8:48 pm
I leave for a little bit and come back to a nuclear wasteland

i love this site
Yeah, first experience - seems like the people here have nothing to do xD. Always looking to start something.
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