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By xcr27
I know what you're going for, a Masked hero deck specifically, but a lot of the cards you choose to put in doesn't really help the deck spam with masked heroes or anything. The Vision Hero package is good in every hero deck because their easy special summonable ability. You're missing a hero lives and ROTA two cards that are must haves for this deck. Also stuff like Wonder Driver helps Masked Heroes decks so much because it can reccur back the Mask Change. Not to mention Malicious and Cross Crusader also help a lot.
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By katanajojo
Blazeman is the best Fire HERO for this: it can search Polymerization or Change its Attribute.
Would go with Prisma over Voltic, its just much better.
Solid Soldier is once of the best normal summons HEROs have so replace Wildheart for Him.
Liquid Soldier is a far better version of Bubbleman, would replace is you have any.
You should also consider as mentioned earlier:
A HERO Lives, E - Emergency Call, and ROTA
Vision HEROs, Wonder Driver, Malicious, and Cross Crusader.

Cards you should cut are: Hero's Rule 2, and Battle Traps
There are much better cards that can do what those cards can do.
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By ChouGamer123
Umm... For these comments I'm sorry if my deck has downsides cause tbh I just got this deck from one that I built from yugioh legacy of the duelist:link evolution so... Overall my cards are limited
But uhh thx for the suggestions now ik what to add in this deck next time(this deck actually made it easier for me to beat yusei fudo lol)
The things to look for in deck

9. Combo 10. Combo

Abhyss+New Spell

play king of the feral imps.

my own personal deck

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60 Card BA Pile

It's for instant fusion