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Yes you need to wait for a time when the opponent is close to using all of his/her resources in doing a combo and then SMACK THE NIBIRU DOWN HARD! Being a combo player myself ik how bad it feel if I got nibiru Ed while doing my combo except if i were playing dragon link :)
Yugituber wrote:
Tue Nov 24, 2020 9:44 pm
I am not a fan of dark magician but I just wanted to make it as competitive as possible and I made myself a challenge to beat jobe’s deck. Dark magician is also the most requested deck I get sooooo... this is the best i got
My only problem is with this deck. Is you could make it aggressive more by replacing certain cards like Soul with a quick play or effective spell card to help you go first.
Actually I said DM can be aggressive or an control deck depending on the cards you use for its play style.

Examples would be:
Magicians' Souls / DM Veil / DM Expanded / Secrets of DM / Timaeus / Dark Burning Magic = Aggressive
Eternal Soul / Magician Navigation / Trap card heavy basically = CONTROL
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