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what do you mean "nevermind yikes" lmao. zeus is incredible. you run enough xyz to take advantage of it, and why would you worry about chimeratech? cyber dragon is not rogue tier whatsoever. it's not even close to meta lol
Idk. Cyber Dragon was Rogue and so is Blue Eyes but Zeus got a good effect and so does Outer Entity Azathot, not Nylara. I only got level 6s anyway. And Im not XyZ summoning a lot to pull off Zeus.

Edit: Nevermind. List just changed. Cybers was Rogue awhile back now they're not. Neither is Blue Eyes. But Zeus and Azathot are good cards though.
also the nyarla was a joke. but you should definitely be using zeus, and a few different rank 6 xyz. i recommend beatrice, because you are able to bring it out properly and are able to take advantage of its effect when summoned.
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