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Combo Explanations:

Combo #1 - Rod to search for Circle, then chain and/or chain block (for exampe: to prevent Impermance from negating it) if you have to with either Secrets of DM or Illusion Magic. Then activate to Circle to search for either DM, Servant, Eternal Soul, and setup a draw engine by Fusion summoning TDMs. Trigger the TDMs effect with a draw 2 card and also Servant to search out and draw MoC. Wait until your opponents turn to activate Secrets again to summon MoC with a negate in the GY (which would be Magician Nav already prepared).
Combo #2 - The Dragon Loop: By using Souls to bring out DM, then sending DM to the GY to Link summon Imduk. Use Rod to search Circle, if by chance, bring out Eternal Soul and add it to your hand to set it, after use Illusion Magic to loop either DM (and/or MoC for uses, not in this case) to Fusion summon Dragoon (or DMTDK, your choice). Setup your draw engine. Next on your turn, loop the DM again to summon Imduk to Fusion summon DMTDK (or Dragoon, whichever you didnt summon the first time).
Combo #3: The 1 Turn Setup: Was explained on my last deck profile. You can still do it with this deck also maybe even better with this deck recipe. This combo is super easy and more effective when you summon MoC while having both Navs in the GY. Also if you summon DMTDK with using MoC, you can trigger MoC in a loop since DMTDK protects your spells/traps, Circle banishes, and Nav negates for you. Best combo if you done it correct and pulled off very good.
Combo #4: The Normal, Effect, XyZ, Fusion, and Ritual Loop: First setup TDMs for draw power with DM in your GY, then wait until your opponents turn to draw more cards (might need Reckless Greed for this combo to pulled off in this fashion for it to work), special summon DM (through the Eternal Soul loop) then activate your set Secrets to summon MoC on their turn (which you get to banish and destroy a card, also negate if Nav was already dumped in the GY). Next on your turn, use can XyZ with the Eternal Loop and Souls summoning DM once more to XyZ summon: Ebon!!! Now you got MoC, Ebon, TDMs, next turn, you can setup a Dragoon, or DMTDK with DM on the field (doesnt have to be in this order either but TDMs must always be your draw engine to start the combos off).

Might be slightly a few bricks but its starting hand percentage is good at best. Single matches can be debatable since it depends on who goes first or last depending off of a setup but DM is good at 2 out of 3 matches for sure. Will try this on Duelingbook.
Theres way more combos you could possibly do with this deck. I just built this deck less than a few days ago. So I think it works pretty well so far. The MoDI version works very good but it is not as a great as the MoC version. MoC is greater in comparison.
(NEW!!!) Combo #5: Ebon + Dragoon/DMTDK + Nav Negate Setup: Activate AIMs effect to discard Nav(s) to the GY, then have DMG or another AIM to rank into Norito, then use Norito to rank into Ebon. Use Ebons effect to summon DM from the hand or deck, then set Eternal Soul face down by the time you search or activate Circle. Summon Imduk through DM, set Secrets face down. On your opponents turn, summon DMTDK (since Nav(s) are in the GY, instead of Dragoon) that way you can have a unbreakable board and be protected from card effects including Super Polymerization.
Hm. I've seen your decks and reactions enough to know you're probably a massive troll based on your responses to people

But in the off chance you're serious (and a tad delusional) about thinking DM is meta, I find it baffling that you prefer MoC over MoDI. MoDI has his issues of course, but he definitely helps you get your plays going, especially in a DM deck where you want to try and drag the match on for a few turns. But MoC is such a brick, and for what, popping one card? There's so much better you can do. I also can't understand why you don't run even a single copy of Mahad.
Combo Tutorial (images):
#1: Summon Rod to add Circle or any DM Spell/Trap card to your hand
#2: Activate Circle to search out a DM card to add to your hand also
#3: Activate Illusion Magic (if you need to chain block or prevent Rod from being negated)
#4: Tribute Rod to add 2 DM monsters to your hand from the GY and/or deck
#5: Activate Secrets of DM by using both DM monsters
#6: Fusion summon to bring out TDMs
#7: Activate Allure to draw 2 cards by banishing a DARK monster in your hand
#8: After you banished, you have 2 cards drawn
#9: Now you special summon Souls onto the field after sending DMG to the GY
#10: Activate Souls effect to discard Navigation(s), or Circle, and/or Servant to the GY to draw 2 more cards
#11: Now you drawn MoC and Wonder Wand (perfect start for the setup)
#12: Now equip Wonder Wand to Souls and send it to the GY
#13: After you sent it to GY, you draw 2 cards
#14: Now activate Soul Servant to search out a DM card
#15: Now add another Secrets to the top of the deck
#16: After Servant effect resolves, trigger TDMs effect to draw Secrets of DM
#17: Now banish 1 out of the 2 Soul Servants in your GY
#18: Draw 2 more cards (since both DM and DMG are in your GY)
#19: Set both Eternal Soul and Secrets face down. Then next turn (your opponents turn), activate Eternal Soul to summon DM from the GY and activate Secrets to summon MoC from your hand.
#20: After you summoned MoC on your opponents turn, you chain the following effects in any sequence/order you want:
-MoC (destroy 1 card on the field)
-Circle (banish 1 card on your opponents field)
-Rod (tribute a monster to recycle Rod to your hand)
-TDMs (draw a card, then set it if its a Spell or Trap)
#21: With MoC also the field, you can banish Navigation(s) from your GY also to negate Spell/Trap(s) until your next turn starts again
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